12 December 2014

December Sale + Open Studio

Sale on giftcards and Giclee prints. Open studio: Saturday December 13, from 14:00 - 17:00

04 June 2014

Selection of work

I have not been blogging for a long time now. Too much caught up with other things. It was about time to do a new post here! This is a selection of my work from our last group exhibition at De Winkel van Schinkel, in Amsterdam. Which is the place where I rented my studio. I left the studio this May, time for something new and exciting! What you see here are great quality Giclée prints of my original handmade papercuts and drawings. Some of them are for sale in my shop (www.gracabrohm.com) shop: click on spider. If you have any questions, please contact me at: info@gracabrohm.com

01 April 2013

Groupshow at Kallenbach gallery

Hi, you are welcome to visit the opening of the groupshow 'Works on paper' at Kallenbach gallery, Amsterdam. 4 th of april, from 17:00-21:00. I am participating in this show along with 20 other artists. So come and see, on april the 4th or another day in april.

17 January 2013

boats on ice, ducks on ice

Last winter was a freezing cold one. Perfect for ice skating. This winter has been extremely mild, until a few days ago, it has started snowing and freezing. I'm not too fond of low temperatures, but I am of ice skating. Took these pics last winter. Looking forward to going there again soon!

02 January 2013

kleine vos

Kleine vos is dutch for: 'little fox' It is the name of this pretty butterfly too

06 November 2012

Clever Cale and his crab-eating raccoon named Rocky

Clever Cale and his crab-eating raccoon named Rocky. 8,5 x 8,5 x 2,1 cm. Gouache on wood panel. Sold. Graça Brohm - june 2012

01 October 2012

The Foxes' fox

Yvon - has a studio in the same building as I do - and her husband bought one of my Fine art prints during our last exhibition. The one with the little fox. A few days later they ordered a second one, as a present for friends of theirs. They would be visiting this couple living in the UK. And now comes the best part; their friends' last name is Fox :D Top: A picture taken by the Fox family on their trip through Lake District, UK. This is a small card, that I put into the package with their framed Gicleeprint. The Foxes took the print and card with them in their caravan when they went on holiday! I was so happily surprised when Yvon told me this. It feels good when people appreciate your work. Gives me more confidence in what I do to hear these things. So thanks for that. Bottom: The design of the Foxy print

27 August 2012

Pattern idea

Do you perhaps remember these? These designs will be used in a cooperation project with a friend. Which I am very excited about :) It is not yet a pattern, but I would like to start making patterns in the future, of different designs. What medium would you find interesting? -Wrapping papers -Table cloths -Wallpaper -Tableware -Postcards -Bed linen -Do you have other suggestions? I would love to hear if you do.

23 August 2012

Sardegna part two

Top: I think that is a crab or lobster catching cage. Does anyone know? Middle: I just loved these eroded rocks by the seaside. Bottom: A tiny but very tough little rockflower.

Sardegna part one

Top: view from our tent. Middle: Some sort of succulent but prickly plants on a rockformation. Would like to grow these. Bottom: Nice typo on the Façade, I adore the old ways of lettering buildings.

08 August 2012


Back home from holiday, we have been to Sardinia and it was great! What a beautiful island it is, lots of pretty places to go swimming in the sea and very very good food :D Now that I am back, I will do some blogging again. Designed these geometric shapes for our last show 'De Grote Ogen Show'(translated: The Big Eyes Show) For a collaboration between Freshco and me. I have made new paintings too, but they still need to be photographed. Hope you will come back some time later to take a look, curious to know what you think of them.

25 June 2012

de grote ogen show

Exhibition on june 29 and 30. Open: friday from 17:00 and saturday from 11:00-17:00. Location: Tweede Schinkelstraat 39-43 / 1075 TR / Amsterdam. You are very welcome to come by!

14 June 2012


Testing my new paint. Well this was the second test. The first one looks more like a test with random squares, stripes and colors. And the swedish flag in the shape of a car, I haven't a clue why I painted that. Must be something in my subconsciousness.

14 May 2012

La Valse Botanique

Click the Vimeo logo for high quality (and full screen option).
This is a papercut stop motion animation I have made for Floriade 2012 (World Horticultural Expo, Venlo - The Netherlands) It is the main reason it's been so quiet here lately, because I have been working on it for 7 full weeks. It will be shown at Floriade until october 7th this year. La Valse Botanique ('The Botanic Waltz') is a short silhouette animation of how plants and flowers try to impress a bumblebee and its passenger. All characters and flowers are papercut and animated in stop motion. Story & design: Graça Brohm. Music written by: Gerard Brohm. Music by: Trio Misto (accordion: Hans Sparla, guitar: Paul Hagenaars, contrabass: Gerard Brohm). Production: Coert Buiting. Post production: Apvis. Thanks to: Trio Misto, Carsten van Berkel, Thijs van Vuure, Eva Wolfs, Rein Schoondorp, Friso Blankevoort, Hester Zuidema

08 May 2012

what I have been up to

It has been long since I have posted anything here, sorry about that. What I have been up to: I've been very busy making a short papercut stop motion animation in the past 7 weeks. And weekends and nights. It has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun! It was the first time that I did this, fortunately I got a lot of help from friends and family. The music is composed, played (with colleages of his) and recorded by my father - who is a musician - and I think he did a great job! The animation will be online soon. Ofcourse I will post it here too. (photos: testshots from the animation)

12 March 2012

long gone

The snow and cold are long gone. Although I do not regret that winter has come to it's end, I must admit it has been really beautiful and great fun. I absolutely love ice skating, but now I look forward to be able to swim in rivers, lakes and seas.

29 February 2012

New print available!

New print available in my shop HERE! spider = shop

This one is named 'What they thought no one would hear' it is a fine art Giclee print on heavyweight paper, made after the original papercut below. It can be purchased with mahogany frame (picture above), oakwood frame or without a frame. I appreciate comments and questions about my work, so don't hesitate to drop a line on my blog or website : )

Coming up next: the Private Zoo print...

21 February 2012

20 February 2012