28 September 2011

woods foods

All from the woods (in the north of France) it felt very much like autumn. Even the smell of fallen leafs was already there. They tasted pretty nice, the blackberries, hazelnuts and beechnuts. There was a Badger's hole too! In Dutch: Dassenburcht, I couldn't find the English word for 'burcht'. Unfortunately did not get to meet the badgers themselves...

15 September 2011

out of practise

5x8 cm/2x3 inch
A little drawing I made in my sketchbook a few weeks ago. I have not been drawing so much lately, there were a lot of other things that had to be done. But I miss drawing and making things. And it usually takes me a while getting used to it again, my hands are out of practise.

07 September 2011

new prints

There are some new prints available in my shop here The shop = spider - left top corner.

You are very welcome to come and take a look! Unfortunately there is a bit of a problem with the website. Loading at the start takes a while, so please be patient. And the 'accessories' section in the shop doesn't work. 'Prints' section does though! I am trying my best to fix these problems. Hopefully it will be running smoothly again soon!

06 September 2011


That is my bike. My fast one, for longer trips. Swallows in France a week ago, they are such excellent flyers! When I visited Vlieland last weekend one of them flew just over my head when I was watching them fly in the grassdunes. Nice. That is not my car, but I like it.