20 April 2011


We will be going there soon. I can't wait!

14 April 2011

meet Fikkie

He is a small doggie. A bit lonely know, but who knows he might get some friends! Do you think it could be a nice series of different dogs?

13 April 2011


Inside design, september last year. It does not seem so long ago. I am hoping that the past few days were the last of low-ish ; ) temperatures. It is supposed to be getting warmer at the end of the week, today is quite nice.

Purple and pink: don't like them in the interior or clothes, but love them in flowers.

11 April 2011

in motion

These are the paperclay, handpainted 'pastilles' I have made a while ago. Magnets (sets of 4) in a box and some brooches. Coert Buiting has made this little animation of the pictures we took.

07 April 2011


Here they are! My miniature paintings. (6x3,5 cm. or 2.36x1.37 inch)
I have been making these as an order for a gallery/store in Amsterdam. Two girls sharing an interest in art and design objects started their own shop. Michele -Little Gallery- has been collecting a lot of fine art (Giclee) prints and Natalie -Mini shopping center of cool- has gathered various art objects and jewelry (including my miniature paintings : )

They are for sale at:

Amstel 180
1017 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands


A big thanks to Eva Wolfs conservator/restorator working in the same studio building as I do. Who helped me varnish these pieces perfectly using her conservation skills and airbrush materials.