23 November 2009

Top: A drawing in ink by me. I am trying passe-partouts, but this girl gets a bigger one than shown on the photo.
Bottom: The footstool at my studio. I love to read the Italian Vogue or children's books like Struwwelpeter there, when I need a break.

These envelopes are laser-cut by the artists J.K. Keller. Looks great, although the mailman will probably read your personal messages ; )

18 November 2009

collection of butterflies

cat language

Miau! (Belgium)
Mi-aow (England)
Miaou (France)
Viaou (Greece)
Gnau (Italy)
Miauw (Holland)
Njau (Norway)
Miau (Austria)
Mrýka (Russia)
Mnou (Slovakia)
Miau (Spain)
Míá (Iceland)
Jama (Sweden)
Miao (Switzerland)

04 November 2009

Doors in the South of France. So beautiful!

Geese, aren't they cute?