23 January 2012

Shadow animals

By Henry Bursill
Had this book on my list for a while. Now I got it, I have not practised the shadow figures very well yet. There are some great figures in there! So I am going to have to know some of them by heart..

19 January 2012

Handmade present

Gave this handmade brooch and paper tag as a present to a friend. I do not only like to get, but like to give presents too!

Hairy present

Got the 'Oh Comely' magazine as a present, it was wrapped in kraftpaper with a piece of string around it and this nice homemade Pompom on top! The paperpinhole camera and the great enormous scissors were presents too, for my birthday and for 'Sinterklaas' How lucky am I : )

05 January 2012

Chameleon present

I got the basket and its contents as a present for my birthday : ) it blends in perfectly with the small wood inlaid table that was also a present, but some years ago.
Like these paper masks a lot. Can't help but collecting them whenever I see them. One bird does not like to stay in its place. When I move it back, it magically turns around again within a few days.

Triplet trees, a heron, upside down world, leaves soup