28 January 2010

chicks [grietjes]

Two girls, measuring approximately 3x5 cm. in pencil. I was drawing the first one when I was mad and the second one when I wasn't.
But I did not want her to look too cute either...

26 January 2010

this morning

compilation of goods

top: table wear, got the miso soup spoons from my good friend Avelien, this is her blog. bottom: some my favourite drawing
and painting tools

7 sachen

Some of my work is posted on the blog of Dolores, she is making a childrens magazine called: 7sachen-magazin. You can see the blog here. I met Dolores at the children's bookstore were I work. She came to take pictures of the shop. And was so kind and enthousiastic, that I thought, I'll just give her my card! Now me and three other girls are in her 'making of blog' of the magazine.

20 January 2010


Today I feel so good, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the radiator in my studio is being fixed (after a few weeks of being very cold...), went to a nice concert of 'Fanfarlo' yesterday at Paradiso, and I have loads of new ideas! What else do you need?

19 January 2010

A boy, Anne tells me he looks a bit like Joaquin Phoenix.
(the actor who plays Johnny Cash in 'Walk the line')

'De tentoongestelde mens' (the exhibited human)
Detail of a flyer about an exhibition in a museum
(Gent, Belgium)

14 January 2010

My hair is growing longer. And at the time it is long enough, I probably want to cut it short again. I always do.
These girls have really pretty hair, (though the one at the bottom could get rid of those split ends ;-) but can you image how much time it takes them to wash and groom it?
Just love the old pictures!

11 January 2010

trees in the dark

Took these a few days ago, after coming home from work.
Dark and quiet outside, I was freezing my fingers off!
But ever tried taking a photo with gloves on?

I need to have this handshadow book. It would be nice to, unexpectedly, show off some shadow animals once in a while.
Cold. It really is winter, we haven't had such a snowy winter in a long time I think... It looks so pretty and the sounds of the streets are softer. The only thing is, I am so so cold all the time! Just not used to it. But looking like a mummy I dare to go outside.

07 January 2010

Painted this wooden box (for playing cards) last year. But forgot to take pictures of it because it wasn't varnished yet. I still cannot find the right product to finish gouache paintings. Any ideas? The acrylic ones leave a sort of white trace on gouache.

It is a pretty winter this year, cold but beautiful.