28 April 2010

oriental horses

I have always admired the subtle but powerful lines of
oriental art. Every shape is right. Although I cropped
the picture, which resulted in some heads and other
things being chopped of!

22 April 2010

working on it

I am working on this little wooden box, it is not finished
yet because I'm trying to do several things at a time.
Like: posting on my blog, painting other items,
framing works that have been finished, sketching new
ones, digitalising others... Going to try to do these things
one by one now, because this way it is hard to focus : 0

my dream

is to one day own a beachhouse, something just like
this small wooden one. Somewhere on a very quiet shore,
with no tourists strolling around... I know, it is a dream ; )

wall and grain

This wall is in Amsterdam and the field is on Texel (one of the dutch islands) took this picture when we were biking there.

french farm

We are going to France soon again, and I'm so looking forward to it! Going around taking pictures over there is so nice and good for inspiration.

13 April 2010

last ones

Last weekend I have sold my last two papercuts from the black and grey 'Nightwatchers series' Now they're all gone it feels a bit empty here. So I need to make new ones! I'm already working on one that only needs framing now. Once it is finished I'll show you.

lost one

I have found this slide in the gutter, in front of my studio. Don't usually pick things up from the street, but I couldn't resist this one.

Why do people throw away photos and things like that? (In this case probably because it was the last picture on the film...)

'Stoepiekrijt' on the sidewalks, it makes me smile.

three girls

Anne gave me this supernice photoframe including the photo. I don't know who the girls are, but I can imagine a little bit. It is nice to have them in the living room and I hope they feel at home at my place.

06 April 2010

a birthday invitation drawing

By my niece Marijn

other corner of my studio, the factories are gone now...

chasing ducks

It must be spring when the ducks are chasing each other in a way that looks like waterskiing.

01 April 2010

in my studio

Images cachees, by Yves Dorme

Brother and sisters I think. Reminds me of my sisters, I don't see them enough.