01 November 2011

movember, birds and boxes

Moustache brooch: You probably get that I like moustaches, not necessarily on a man, but in drawings and their shape in general. And after all it is 'Movember', which I think is a very good initiative. It is a shame I will never get one, or not.
Wooden boxes: Made these for the last exhibition, there will be a new exhibition last weekend of November, the 26th and 27th. Will be showing brand new work, along with my colleagues. More info soon.
Birds: (not the right colours and no feet : / Zanglijster, goudhaantje and zwartkop. Made these three years ago, they were supposed to be in a tree on postcards, but I did not like the design in the end so let them be. Just put them on the boxes for now. They are the size of my index fingertip.