09 June 2010

fire arms

I've been having painful wrists and fingers for a while now. This afternoon it's been confirmed that I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). And that it is actually my back, shoulders and arms that are causing it, due to my bad working posture.
So that's why I need to stop working for a while and do lots of exercises. Hopefully you'll understand that it will be a bit quiet over here. Will be back as soon as I can!

Kind regards, Graça

04 June 2010

Isn't she lovely? She and her sisters were modelling for us in France, last may.

02 June 2010

the rustling forest

There wasn't a leaf without holes in it there. Though I did not get that on film. Caterpillars. A lot of them, what a strange sound!
Don't you love the colours of the bark in the bottom picture?

when I was walking

A while ago on a sunny day, a few blocks from my studio. The garbage pile was big, but there were even bigger ones. Like 5 metres wide and man-high! The garbage men had a strike for 1 and a half week - you can imagine the smell...