21 December 2010

cat on my window

He (I think) just sat there, on the window of my studio the other day. Does that often, but usually he's gone before I can capture him on camera.

01 December 2010

It is freakin' cold today! Minus 5, minus 6 degrees celsius. They call it 'snijdend koud' in Dutch (meaning:cutting cold), a strange saying but you can understand where it's coming from, going outside...
Some snow as well later in the day, that's beautiful I think. Not so much when you're riding the bike though : )

22 November 2010

then and then

Went to the 'Rijksmuseum' last week and couldn't resist the postcard of the girl. Got the postcard of the man at 'FOAM' - photography museum. Very different, though their posture is a quite similar.
There's just a couple of years in between.

postcard painting:
Isaak Luttichuys between 1616-1673

postcard photograph:
August Sander 1926

18 November 2010


Wooden angel, work in progress. The size is something like a lipstick

That's what it looks like in the giftbox. I have other ribbons too, mossgreen with polkadot, lightgrey with polkadot, red checkered and more.


Colliers and pendants made by Anjo Brohm, more of her work here

15 November 2010

A nice old french label : )

Ceramics on Inside Design.

13 November 2010

Pastilles - sailors

Handmolded and -painted claytablets, 0,5 cm to 1,5/2 cm diameter. Superstrong magnets on the back, for use around the house or workingspace. No more ugly yellow sticky notes needed ; )

They come in a crisp white giftbox with a pretty ribbon wrapped around - 32 Euro per set
Please contact me on: info@gracabrohm.com if you're interested, I have a paypal account.

Soon available in my online shop - I'll keep you posted!

Set number 2, 3 and 4 are sold!

More brooches...

-12 Euro each
Contact me on: info@gracabrohm.com.

The squid is sold

Pastilles 'the brooches'

Handmolded and -painted too. These are cute tiny brooches (small about 1 cm diameter, big about 2 cm diameter)
Black and white bird is sold

-12 Euro each
See posts above...

Pastilles - sailors 'the ladies'

These 'Pastilles' (handpainted on handmolded clay tablets) are superstrong magnets, they come in a bright white giftbox sealed with a ribbon.

-32 Euro per set

Sets number 1 and 5 in this picture are sold!

For info please contact me on: info@gracabrohm.com
I have a Paypall account

05 November 2010

black submarine

a bit closer...

pencil and dried flower on paper
pastille magnets - soon available in my shop!

All boxes contain a sailor or sailoress, boat or submarine, squid and anchor.
Close ups are coming, working on that.

04 November 2010


Last sunday we had the mini exhibition in Amsterdam. It was great, we might do this more often in the future. Here are some pics of the exhibit space. Tomorrow I will show you the more detailed ones, on which you can actually see the work ; )

-Pastilles (in the little white boxes)
-Mini Heroes (on the branch)
-Ink drawings
made by me

-The masks (handdrawn, then giclee printed on matte 300 grs paper)
Made by Nordeville [Anne Walk and me]
For information visit Nordeville or join our Facebook.

Pictures of the glass works coming soon

16 October 2010

Mini exhibition

October 31, from 3 to 7 in my studio at 'De Winkel Van Schinkel' Amsterdam. You're all welcome! Click the picture for a larger view. Nordeville and Anjo Brohm

14 October 2010

test 1,2

Trying different brands of gouache paint. Linel, Daler Rowny, Talens and Winsor & Newton. None of them totally succesful. Maybe I'm just too demanding. The fly asked if I could (please) take his picture, well allright then.

08 October 2010


In my parents garden there is a raspberry bush, it still has a lot of fruit in it. And I'm not the only one that looooooves raspberries. This butterfly sat there for about twenty minutes. It didn't mind me taking pictures I guess...

30 September 2010

Pictures of a weekend at the beach a while ago. I've been thinking of meadows and the forest. It feels so good being surrounded by nature, sometimes I miss it. Think we will have time to take a walk this weekend and soon we are going to France whoohoo!

29 September 2010

golden leaves

Autumn. The weather was beautiful today, cold but sunny. I like the colours, the cosiness of drinking tea and watching movies in the evening, but the grey, rainy days make me feel a bit said. Eating a lot of cookies helps though : s
I might have a love/hate affair with Autumn.

24 September 2010

15 September 2010

paper paper

You can see more of this project on my website - klick 'Tree' for Portfolio.
The project I did last year. I made five pieces completely out of white paper. Unfortunately some of them are a bit stained due to the glue : ( (the package said it should be completely colourless and without leaving any stains...)

Can anyone give me a good tip for strong but invisible (even after years) paper glue?

12 September 2010

noah's ark

Everyone's inside now, safe from a worldwide deluge. Did you know that the story about Noah's Ark is known in a number of religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam? I did not.

By the way, that's paint on my hand. To check the fluidity before applying.

10 September 2010

pastilles # 2

I've made some new ones. The old and new ones together on the 2nd picture. Took two of them away because they didn't match the rest : >

03 September 2010

hoot hoot

On the ferry to Ameland. I adore the marine theme, as you might already know. Found this old sailors' picture in my 'archive'.

Don't you just love my embroidery scissors? They were a present : )