27 May 2009

Mini Heroes And Safeguards

Finally finished! It was quite a stressful event, but the exhibition last sunday at our studios turned out very well in the end. So now, I can show you some photos of my latest works. The sizes vary from 2,5 x 4 cm. to 4,5 x 5 cm. They're all lucky charms, with their own story and meaning. Hope you'll enjoy!

By the way, these pendants and brooches are for sale. Please contact me on gracabrohm@yahoo.com if you're interested in buying them or selling them in your store. You can also leave a note, at the bottom of the messages on this blog.

Mini Heroes

1. 'Little buggers'

You must look very carefully
To see the brothers Mackabee

Flying around the atmosphere
To find their way to you, down here

For when you're lost they'll come in action
To guide you in the right direction

2. 'Miss Virginia'

Now, Tiny miss Virginia here
Might look quite shy, but has no fear

Just whisper and she will come by
Brief and silent in reply

Trust her as she's well prepared
To keep you calm if you are scared

3. 'Wooly Lana'

Named after her furry fellow
Wooly Lana lives life mellow

Moving slowly as her shadow
She brings a message from the meadow

When you don't seem to get things done
Remember, do them one by one

4. 'Mary Merrit'

Somewhere in the deep blue sea
Lives Mary Merrit, brisk and free

Travelling on her silver fish
She can fulfil your deepest wish

The little girl won't take demands
But helps you as she claps her hands

5. 'Sam Resolver'

Sam Resolver is his name
For he comes with concious aim

When he's needed he shall ride
Swiftly from the riverside

With a solution true and kind
To any trouble you might find

6. 'Henman'

This fellow here is called Henman
Because he does what he can

As you lie asleep at night
He'll sit atop your bed-side light

And chase away your bad dreams, quick
With the feather of a chick


1. 'Beetle Chaperon'

For Insight an Well-Being

2. 'Eternal Squid'

For Dexterity and Prosperity

3. 'Root on Homeland'

For Safety and Sufficiency

4. ' Tree of hands'

For Tenderness and Consideration

13 May 2009


Work in progress. These are tiny silkscreens on veneer and plywood, not bigger than a matches length. At least, when finished for our exhibition on the 24th of may. You're welcome to visit us then in Amsterdam, contact me for more information.

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