23 December 2011


The november exhibition, work of my colleagues. We all have our own studio (some share) in the same building. It was great fun doing this exhibition again. And saturday was quite busy too! It was very hard taking pictures of my work, because of little lighting. I will show you some 'studio' pictures soon. Please be patient : ) I am working on it. And there will be new prints in the shop too.

14 December 2011

autoportrait en hibou

Pablo Picasso, Autoportrait en hibou, Cannes September 1957
Bought this postcard last year, loved it. Found it again, still do! Not always a huge fan of Picasso's paintings, I think I prefer his drawings. Simplicity.

drawing game

A drawing game:
These three drawings were made by three people. (Rein, Coert and me) Rules of the game: you fold the paper horizontally in three (or more pieces, depending on the number of participants) and everyone has to draw one piece of the body without seeing what the other drew. You have to make to small lines on the next part, so the person next knows were to start drawing.
Finished? Unfold. Laugh.
As you can see we were very into squids at that moment, strange because we did not see each others drawings by then. Anyway I like this game, we have made about 40 of these during my birthdayparty recently.. See the others on Rein Schoondorp's blog, Ram illustratie This is his website.