31 March 2011

behind the scenes

Hi everyone,

First of all, I will promise never to promise to blog more often again (does this make any sense?) Sorry for not showing you anything new lately. I know I should have, but sometimes it's just a bit busy. Last month I've been working on some exciting new things for a gallery/store in Amsterdam. Which I will show you later.

For now, this tiny chap that I have been keeping from you ; ) He is called a "Enge Engel" which means scary angel. But the dutch word 'eng' is a lot less serious. Last picture is of my homemade photostudio, I'm working on something a bit more professional.

15 March 2011

rooster talk and cutlery peacock

Remember the post about Cat language? Well this is
not Peacock, but Rooster language. Just liked the pic
of the peacock made out of spoons and other stuff,
a while ago I showed you the bear made out of cutlery.
Now Miss P. wanted her minute of fame as well.

• Kokeriko (Esperanto)
• Kikeriki (Germany)
• Kykliky (Denmark)
• Cock-a-doodle-doo (England)
• Kukko kiekuu (Finland)
• Cocorico (France)
• Kukuruku (Indonesia)
• Chichirichi (Italy)
• Kukeleku (Holland)
• Kykeliky (Norway)
• Kukuriko (Poland)
• Cucurucu (Portugal)
• Kykapeky (Russia)
• Quiquiriqui (Spain)
• Kuckeliku (Sweden)

12 March 2011


It has been so long since I've done a post, it makes me feel a little guilty. But the good news is that I'm very busy making al new stuff and love doing that. So I sort of neglected the blog for good reasons : / Results of the work will be shown here soon.

Today was the first spring-like day of the year, it felt so good! Looking forward to spring and summer, my favourite seasons. Less rain, chapped lips, scarfs and gloves. More sun, evenings out of the house and holidays! When I was looking through my old pictures I found these of past beautiful summers that I will not forget.