01 October 2012

The Foxes' fox

Yvon - has a studio in the same building as I do - and her husband bought one of my Fine art prints during our last exhibition. The one with the little fox. A few days later they ordered a second one, as a present for friends of theirs. They would be visiting this couple living in the UK. And now comes the best part; their friends' last name is Fox :D Top: A picture taken by the Fox family on their trip through Lake District, UK. This is a small card, that I put into the package with their framed Gicleeprint. The Foxes took the print and card with them in their caravan when they went on holiday! I was so happily surprised when Yvon told me this. It feels good when people appreciate your work. Gives me more confidence in what I do to hear these things. So thanks for that. Bottom: The design of the Foxy print