18 October 2011

from the bottom of the ocean

Shells from Portugal: Too bad this shop was closed when I was there, on a sunday. But I have collected a lot of shells, so it could be an autumn afternoon project.
Squids from Holland : ) I cut these earrings out of veneer. Finished with squids, completed with hardware and varnished.

12 October 2011


Watching them from a distance, looking so small through these trees. Just 20 minutes before I took these pictures, I really pissed off (sorry) a huge bull. There were little calfs running around the meadow, but at the moment we took our camera out to film, they stopped. Because I absolutely love to see calfs running, I thought it would be a good idea to start running (huppelen) a bit myself to get them to move again... Perhaps they thought I was crazy and the bull (2,5 cows in width) did not like it at all. So he started raging and coming towards the fence, which was made of barely one meter high - non electrified barbed wire.