30 September 2010

Pictures of a weekend at the beach a while ago. I've been thinking of meadows and the forest. It feels so good being surrounded by nature, sometimes I miss it. Think we will have time to take a walk this weekend and soon we are going to France whoohoo!

29 September 2010

golden leaves

Autumn. The weather was beautiful today, cold but sunny. I like the colours, the cosiness of drinking tea and watching movies in the evening, but the grey, rainy days make me feel a bit said. Eating a lot of cookies helps though : s
I might have a love/hate affair with Autumn.

24 September 2010

15 September 2010

paper paper

You can see more of this project on my website - klick 'Tree' for Portfolio.
The project I did last year. I made five pieces completely out of white paper. Unfortunately some of them are a bit stained due to the glue : ( (the package said it should be completely colourless and without leaving any stains...)

Can anyone give me a good tip for strong but invisible (even after years) paper glue?

12 September 2010

noah's ark

Everyone's inside now, safe from a worldwide deluge. Did you know that the story about Noah's Ark is known in a number of religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam? I did not.

By the way, that's paint on my hand. To check the fluidity before applying.

10 September 2010

pastilles # 2

I've made some new ones. The old and new ones together on the 2nd picture. Took two of them away because they didn't match the rest : >

03 September 2010

hoot hoot

On the ferry to Ameland. I adore the marine theme, as you might already know. Found this old sailors' picture in my 'archive'.

Don't you just love my embroidery scissors? They were a present : )

01 September 2010

4 in a row

The monkeys are from the children's bookshop (Helden en Boeven) where I work, they are so cute! Anne Claire Petit makes all different kinds of crocheted animals and other toys.