16 October 2010

Mini exhibition

October 31, from 3 to 7 in my studio at 'De Winkel Van Schinkel' Amsterdam. You're all welcome! Click the picture for a larger view. Nordeville and Anjo Brohm

14 October 2010

test 1,2

Trying different brands of gouache paint. Linel, Daler Rowny, Talens and Winsor & Newton. None of them totally succesful. Maybe I'm just too demanding. The fly asked if I could (please) take his picture, well allright then.

08 October 2010


In my parents garden there is a raspberry bush, it still has a lot of fruit in it. And I'm not the only one that looooooves raspberries. This butterfly sat there for about twenty minutes. It didn't mind me taking pictures I guess...