30 December 2009

Snowy boats. View from the Labelibellule studio, were Nordeville has been working today.

stylish men

17 December 2009


Which hat is most suitable for her?

15 December 2009

My 'kerstpakket' (not sure what that is in English,
but I got it from my new employer as a Christmas present)

Trying some different things with ink.
I hope you like it.

Just felt like drawing flowers, must have something
to do with winter. It's so cold outside!
And that creep at the top, well...

23 November 2009

Top: A drawing in ink by me. I am trying passe-partouts, but this girl gets a bigger one than shown on the photo.
Bottom: The footstool at my studio. I love to read the Italian Vogue or children's books like Struwwelpeter there, when I need a break.

These envelopes are laser-cut by the artists J.K. Keller. Looks great, although the mailman will probably read your personal messages ; )

18 November 2009

collection of butterflies

cat language

Miau! (Belgium)
Mi-aow (England)
Miaou (France)
Viaou (Greece)
Gnau (Italy)
Miauw (Holland)
Njau (Norway)
Miau (Austria)
Mrýka (Russia)
Mnou (Slovakia)
Miau (Spain)
Míá (Iceland)
Jama (Sweden)
Miao (Switzerland)

04 November 2009

Doors in the South of France. So beautiful!

Geese, aren't they cute?

29 October 2009

Ape On The Moon

My work is posted on the illustration/design blog
Ape On The Moon! Thanks MoonApe. Here it is.

13 October 2009

peeping tom


These pictures were taken from a hot air balloon, it was a great experience!

03 October 2009

Jan Lievensstraat

This is the result of the project I have been working on lately, it's called 'Dichter in de buurt'. I was asked to create 5 works inspired by the 'Diamantbuurt', a part of Amsterdam. I am so glad it is finally finished now! The people of the Jan Lievensstraat were very kind and helpful, I loved working with them. Until October 24 these paper works can be seen in the Jan Lievensstraat, Amsterdam.

Animations of the work in day & night view:

Jan Lievensstraat 26 from Graça Brohm on Vimeo.

Jan Lievensstraat 42 from Graça Brohm on Vimeo.

Jan Lievensstraat 54 from Graça Brohm on Vimeo.

Jan Lievensstraat 55 from Graça Brohm on Vimeo.

Jan Lievensstraat 79 from Graça Brohm on Vimeo.


01 October 2009

sun, sun, sun

You have to see this movie by Coert Buiting. Summer in France!

08 September 2009

terrible me

Sorry everyone. I haven't posted anything for a very long time... Been on holiday and I'm currently working on a project with a pretty tight deadline. As soon as I'm finished, I will post some new work on my blog. Please have patience and hope to see you here soon!

Greets Graça

03 August 2009

paper thistle

Made this out of thick and thin paper. It is a little test for my next project.

A japanese postcard.

couldn't sleep

Five o'clock. The night sky on Texel,
one of the dutch islands.

15 July 2009

Someone made this on the sidewalk with drawing chalk. I love it. Those feet belong to my friends Aniek and Anne.

06 July 2009

A strange combination of a delicate rose and a graffiti
tag. (graffiti definition: [n] a rude decoration
inscribed on rocks or walls) : )


I also made some silkscreens of my 'mini heroes' on a larger wooden panel. About 13,5 x 15 cm.