26 May 2011

exhibition/shop, June 4 and 5

You're all welcome! The work of different artists, illustrators and graphic designers from Amsterdam will be shown and for sale on the 4th and 5th of June. I will be there on both days, you can contact me if you have any questions.

Adress: Tweede Schinkelstraat 39-43, 1075 TR, Amsterdam
Contact: info@gracabrohm.com

This Invitation/flyer is made by Sanne Dikken.

18 May 2011


Work in progress, I am working with transfers. It is difficult to transfer the image neatly onto the background.

05 May 2011

nid de guêpes

When my father, a friend of his and Coert were building a new roof they found these, under the old rooftiles. Waspnests, they are featherlite, superbreakable and so amazingly beautiful build. The wasps have left the building though ; )

We were in France working on the house for four days and then we took a trip around the area with our tent. A bit chilly at night, but so good in the days. Unfortunately I was enjoying it all so much that I forgot to take pictures, so there's just a few. Luckily Coert takes his camera everywhere and has shot some very nice pictures.

03 May 2011

Mountains of Holland

Been away for a week. To France, it was very very nice! I will show you later. For now I'm just sharing a bit of useless information with you.

The highest mountains of the Netherlands :-o

1. Vaalserberg (Limburg) 322 m (about 1000 ft. I believe)
2. Vrouwenheide (Limburg) 216 m
3. Sint Pietersberg (Limburg)107 m
4. Torenberg (Gelderland)107 m
5. Imbosch (Gelderland) 102 m
6. Hoenderberg (Gelderland) 96 m
7. Hettenheuvel (Gelderland) 93 m
8. Tankenberg (Overijssel/Twente) 85 m
9. Klifsberg (Limburg) 81 m
10. Keurvorstenheuvel (Gelderland) 80 m

I don't think you can call these bumps 'mountains' but hey, we won't be famous for our mountains/hills or whatever you would like to name them anyway. Everyone knows The Nether- (litterally meaning: 'neder' = low in Dutch) lands are flat. Everytime I've been out of the country it still amazes me how flat Holland really is. Real mountain measurements:

Everest is considered the highest mountain in the world. It is measured 29,035 ft (8,850m). Mountains are generally measured from sea level. But if measured from top to its base below sea level, Mauna Kea beats Everest by 4,436 ft. (over 3/4 of a mile). So, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth.

Found this list here. Lists of everything, lovely. Only in Dutch, sorry!