21 February 2011


I adore old photo's like these, in sepia shades. Wonder what these people were like back in the days. What did they do, where did they live? Such a beautiful portrait by mr. Fred D. Maisch.

11 February 2011

dans mon moleskine

Love her eyebrows, don't you? Mine are naturally thin, wish I had bigger, darker ones just like her : )

nordeville - news

I didn't let you know yet, that our (Anne Walk + me) Nordeville masks were blogged by Kickan & Conkers a kids design, vintage and other nice stuff blog. And that we are in Babiekins magazine! The prints are for sale in our Etsy shop.

03 February 2011

Was really cold but very pretty. Still is chilly outside, though I have seen the first green buds in front of our house. That made me feel a bit closer to spring. I am so looking forward to, leaving the house without a coat.

There are only a few of these left. I am working on a Etsy shop, hope it will be opened soon! I'll keep you posted.