01 April 2013

Groupshow at Kallenbach gallery

Hi, you are welcome to visit the opening of the groupshow 'Works on paper' at Kallenbach gallery, Amsterdam. 4 th of april, from 17:00-21:00. I am participating in this show along with 20 other artists. So come and see, on april the 4th or another day in april.

17 January 2013

boats on ice, ducks on ice

Last winter was a freezing cold one. Perfect for ice skating. This winter has been extremely mild, until a few days ago, it has started snowing and freezing. I'm not too fond of low temperatures, but I am of ice skating. Took these pics last winter. Looking forward to going there again soon!

02 January 2013

kleine vos

Kleine vos is dutch for: 'little fox' It is the name of this pretty butterfly too