31 August 2010

callicore pastazza

Sounds a bit like an italian dish ; > But it is a butterfly from Peru.
In real life it's colors are much more vibrant. But I still like it.

cows and planes

He is Enrico, a Mexican cowboy - obviously.
She is doing the 'safety instructions' before the plane hits the sky.
Sketches in my moleskine.

26 August 2010

living on the edge

; ) On the ferry to Ameland, one of the Dutch islands. We were there last weekend, flying kites and even took a swim in the northsea.

12 August 2010

hell yeah

In between the holiday pics, some power women. (In case you got bored of all those 'you should have been there' romantic, sunny images)

Lisboa, painted tiles everywhere. It already seems so long ago... We were in Portugal for two weeks, it was wonderful. Didn't stay in Lisbon, because it was too warm, sticky and crowded for us. We went up north instead, to some small villages by the ocean.

09 August 2010

where my name comes from

Sardinhas, the fresh grilled ones are so much better... But the cans are pretty, especially all together!

This lemontree reminds me of the movie "Lemontree" I thought it was a very good, though sad film.

My first name is Portugese.

04 August 2010

garden food

France, spent a week there. It was great. Fantastic weather, water (la meuse) and wine ; ) We made blackberry jam, and after a whole lot of 'seperating the berries and the green' it has become delicious!
Wish I had fruit in my garden like the raspberries, red- and blackcurrants and grapes in France... But actually I'm a bad gardener, can hardly menage to pick my tomatoes before the birds eat them.

02 August 2010

I'm back, and I have had a lovely summer so far. These pics are taken near the town were I grew up, were I took a walk to the forest a few weeks ago. I also saw a huge amount of butterflies on a field of crops (koolwitjes in dutch) my pictures didn't seem to 'catch' them though, so just have to remember it...