04 November 2010


Last sunday we had the mini exhibition in Amsterdam. It was great, we might do this more often in the future. Here are some pics of the exhibit space. Tomorrow I will show you the more detailed ones, on which you can actually see the work ; )

-Pastilles (in the little white boxes)
-Mini Heroes (on the branch)
-Ink drawings
made by me

-The masks (handdrawn, then giclee printed on matte 300 grs paper)
Made by Nordeville [Anne Walk and me]
For information visit Nordeville or join our Facebook.

Pictures of the glass works coming soon

1 comment:

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I really really would love to see more of these masks. I keep coming back to your blog to have a look at them! Are they for sale? Do you have anymore photos? I would like to post them on my blog with your permission.