23 February 2010

Artist of the week

When I came back from Poland yesterday I found out that I was selected as 'artist of the week' on Shownd, the portfolio site. You can see it here
Back in the south of Poland I'd visited some friends and went skying with them, which was not easy according to the fact that it had been ten years since I've done that... : ) My friends were pretty good at it though. And we spend some time in Krakow as well, a great city! You should visit it once if you haven't been there already.


rins said...

Yay! congratulations! You deserve it, your work ís gorgeous!
ook even in ons taaltje: gefeliciteerd!!

Graça Brohm said...

Thanks Rinske, it feels good indeed...
This is Rinske's site, she is making lots of new stuff! Check it out:

Coert said...


Aniek Meeldijk said...


Avelien Thoben said...

Hee graaaas!

te gek!