09 June 2010

fire arms

I've been having painful wrists and fingers for a while now. This afternoon it's been confirmed that I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). And that it is actually my back, shoulders and arms that are causing it, due to my bad working posture.
So that's why I need to stop working for a while and do lots of exercises. Hopefully you'll understand that it will be a bit quiet over here. Will be back as soon as I can!

Kind regards, Graça


Dolores said...

Oh dear Graca, all the best!!!! hope you are back in perfect health soon!

Aniek Meeldijk said...

Heej wat vervelend zeg! Ik lees het net! Echt balen! Hoop dat het snel overgaat! tot snel xxxx

rins said...

Oeh, that sucks! sterkte en ik hoop ook dat het snel overgaat!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

sorry to hear about the RSI. Just discovered your lovely work via dolores. Do you sell anywhere?

Anne said...

@ Kickcan and Conkers:

Did you check out Graca's beautiful website? (www.gracabrohm.com) There you will find her shop and a contact form!