07 June 2011

it was nice

The exhibition was nice. Saturday we had the best weather and spend most of the day outside, in front of our 'gallery'.
Sunday started rainy and quit, but ended up sunny and funny. Thanks to those who came! Hope to see you again next time.

Picture 1 and 3 - pieces of my work, the other pictures - work of other people in my building. It was very hard to take pictures because of the light, so I didn't get good shots of some of the other artists' work, sorry about that.

2) Leon van der Kraan
4) Freshco
5) Charlotte - Toeters en Bellen

The other artists that joined the exhibition:

Sanne Dikken
Yvonne de Wit
Marjon Visser
Marjolein Wigbold- Glaslicht

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