27 May 2009

4. 'Mary Merrit'

Somewhere in the deep blue sea
Lives Mary Merrit, brisk and free

Travelling on her silver fish
She can fulfil your deepest wish

The little girl won't take demands
But helps you as she claps her hands

5. 'Sam Resolver'

Sam Resolver is his name
For he comes with concious aim

When he's needed he shall ride
Swiftly from the riverside

With a solution true and kind
To any trouble you might find

6. 'Henman'

This fellow here is called Henman
Because he does what he can

As you lie asleep at night
He'll sit atop your bed-side light

And chase away your bad dreams, quick
With the feather of a chick

1 comment:

anjo gerard said...

hele mooie serie met prachtige gedichtjes. prachtig werk

anjo en gerard