27 May 2009

Mini Heroes

1. 'Little buggers'

You must look very carefully
To see the brothers Mackabee

Flying around the atmosphere
To find their way to you, down here

For when you're lost they'll come in action
To guide you in the right direction

2. 'Miss Virginia'

Now, Tiny miss Virginia here
Might look quite shy, but has no fear

Just whisper and she will come by
Brief and silent in reply

Trust her as she's well prepared
To keep you calm if you are scared

3. 'Wooly Lana'

Named after her furry fellow
Wooly Lana lives life mellow

Moving slowly as her shadow
She brings a message from the meadow

When you don't seem to get things done
Remember, do them one by one

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Graca,

Ik vind je mini heroes echt geweldig, wil er ook graag nog één van je kopen!

Tot snel!