16 March 2010

tearbottle by Aniek and me

Last February my friend Aniek and I went to the ceramic factory, Royal Delft Pottery. She has been working there on her graduation project. At the museumshop we saw a beautiful Delftblue tearbottle. With an even greater meaning:

It is said, that the little bottle owes it's name and form to those far away days when sailormen were very often absent for a very long period of time. And when saying goodbye, the women left behind wept bitterly. With this bottle, the tears could be captured and brought on far away voyages, as a precious little token.

I was inspired by this story and made two designs as decoration for the tearbottle. Aniek then made a silkcreen of the drawings to print the glaze on a transfer. After that she created serveral forms on the potters wheel, as prototypes. We do have to decide which one we like best for the final mould. At the picture you see the first prototype. It might need some refinement but I already like it. And you?


Avelien Thoben said...

Ik vind de tear bottles helemaal te gek! Ik ben ook weg van de stoere bonken zeemannen. En dan op pad met een flesje tranen... hihihi
Doet me denken aan een blok boekje wat ik vroeger had, en dat ging over een uil die tranen thee ging maken, en daar door aan hele vervelende dingen ging denken.

Emilio said...

Te gek!
Ze moeten echt in productie.
Ik ben de eerste koper.

Ciao Emilio